• John Paganetti got bored and thought up a massive roadtrip. Now he’s doing it.
  • Tycho Williams – musician, songwriter. Tycho is a huge advocate of free thought and the road. The crossover is inevitable.
  • Mark Hansen is a master mechanic, driver, and human being. Though he was not able to join for the Tour during the summer of ’09, he played a central role in the What Roses? Tour of spring ’10.
  • Ned Resnikoff never got the hang of snapping of his fingers. He’s currently studying that and other things at NYU. In his free time, he writes, plays guitar and blogs smartass remarks about people more important than him at resnikoff.wordpress.com
  • Mike Dozois likes cuddling, long walks on the beach, and kittens. None of this matters, however, since he seeks his true love in Waco, TX at the Dr. Pepper factory. Mike enjoys music and just hangin’ out.
  • Peter Hildebrand is a carbon based student. It has been suggested that he write books, an endeavor which he has already started to undertake. Otherwise, he’s learning about life, as well as a few other things that interest him.
  • Xaq is your average non-official librarian, juggling aficionado, and optimistic nihilist with an adoration for word games, and abhorrence for not word games.

A few of you still need to give me a quick bio to put up here.

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