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Headin Back Home

Bringing the bus back to my house from Cheney Tech on veggie oil.  This is its first real road test. The rest of this week will be spent building the interior, and with any luck we’ll be driving around the Northeast next week.

First Veggie Trip

We took the bus for a quick spin around Cheney.

It’s all coming together

Much was accomplished today, and it looks like we’ll be finished this week. The coolant lines are all set, the leaks in the heat exchanger were stopped, and the fuel lines in the engine are all set, and work wonderfully. Things went far faster today with the help of Mark, a former student of Joe’s. I’m slowly learning my way around this diesel thing, but another pair of experienced hands makes a big difference.


This is mostly a proof of concept.  This entire video was shot, edited, and uploaded from my phone.  I’ll be getting better at it the more I use it.

Diesel 101

Dan and I dropped by Cheney today to see if we could get some video with the students working on the various projects related to the bus. Unfortunately, I’m really dissatisfied with the video on my cellphone, and we came by close to the end of school on a Friday, so not much of the video was any good. I’m hoping to return and interview them again later, with a better camera and more time. But for now, here is a little video of Joe explaining some basic workings of a diesel engine.