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Kickin’ it with Kim, pt. IV

We eventually made it all the way to Rochester, Minnesota around 6pm. Kim’s brother picked us up and took us to kim’s “office” of operations and what-have-you. It is worth noting that the ride to kim’s place was very interesting. Like much of Minnesota (I’m sure), very flat, with miles and miles of barren land everywhere you look, driving into the sunset. We got it!And there, over yonder on the horizon, was the only cluster of buildings for miles on end. As we drove into the lot, we caught our first glimpse of the beast herself. At this point, the legend of the old girl has become quite prophetic. Next to her lie a collection of autos which included a stretch pontiac, a used city bus and some mini-school buses. We became acquainted with Kim and Brendon as soon as we arrived. From first impressions, I got wonderful vibes from both of them. a couple of genuinely wonderful folks who truly live life to its utmost. I can only hope that one day I can exert as much passion for life as they do.

Kim's LimoAfter sharing a few brews and shooting the breeze, they took us out for dinner in their pimped out chrysler 300 stretch limo. I felt like a real rock star (just without the lines of coke). We got to the bar and grill and were surprised to see so few people on a friday night (if my memory serves me well). Of course, as it was such a small town, everybody knew everyone else, which was such a wonderful thing to witness. I felt such an intimate sense of community among the folks we had dinner with. Funny story about dinner… I ordered the vegetable burger that was on the menu, and everyone looked at me quizzically. The waitress/bartender/manager lady asked me whether that was just a burger with a lot of veggies on it. Apparently, vegetarianism is a foreign concept to midwesterners. Well, I thought it was funny.

Before we left, Brandon bought us a 12-pack of rochester’s finest bud light for the road. The Bus!After running john through the logistics of the bus itself, we had a fairly emotional send-off. We really did have a fantastic bonding experience for the few hours that we spent there. Kim, Brandon, if you ever read this, John and I really appreciate everything that you’ve done for us. You are all wonderful people and can only hope that we can kick it again soon. Please come visit us on the east coast sometime.

We got it!

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We got it!, originally uploaded by somjuan.

We got to Rochester around 1800, and left around 2200 or 2300 central time, after a night on the town with Kim Wilson and Co., but that deserves its own post.