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Juan Way

I figured I’d post a more detailed description of this event.

The idea is we get as many people as possible to voyage across the country in a convoy. Obviously something like this will require money.

One way we’ve considered funding it is corporate sponsorship (free stuff). We can probably pull this off because of a number of reasons. We’ll be using a mobile internet connection service (Verison offers one right now, but in 4 years, who knows) that gets a decent connection via satellite. They’d love someone to do something awesome with it that could give them some good press. (so internet connection: free)

Since we’ll have internet connection, we’ll have webcams strapped to random parts of the Flagship, and probably some of the people with us to film it, since it is such an epic event.

They’ll be a centralized website for all this stuff, and, being the poor college kids we are, I’ll put out an offer for product placement. Basically, if anyone wants to send us something (someone like Lays wants us to only eat their chips or whatever, they send us some free). Basically they give us stuff, they get airtime. Simple as that. (snackage, maybe some other nifty stuff: free)

It also turns out buses are pretty cheap. Who knew. I took a quick glance on eBay, and they’re decently priced.

[Most of that deals with how we’ll be actually pulling this off. Don’t forget the awesomeness that will take place once we’re underway]

I’ll be setting up a small wireless network around the bus so other cars can go online as well. Maybe we’ll even get some LANing in.

We hit whatever destinations we want to between here and San Francisco (our final destination). It’d be cool if we could time the trip so we could hit a couple conventions or even Burning Man on the way.

This is all, of course, best case scenario. The final trip will probably be much different from the one described here. We’ll see how it turns out.

Totally open to any suggestions, too. Peter suggested applying for a grant, which would be cool, because although buses are cheap, its still a good grand or so.


My Plans

Alright, check this – I’m actually going to blog something about me. Not about the weather(still too hot), not about the site – about me.

Wow, I know, its crazy.

Anywise. for a while now, my long term plans for after college have been to travel across the country living out of my truck/van. Its totally internet capable, and made of pure awesome (seeing as how it doesn’t exist yet, you’ll have to take my word for it).

But there is obviously the issue of how to fund such a mission. So, SomJuan.com, you need to make me a millionaire. I know, I know, you’re only a year old, but you have time. And potential. Yes, AdSense hasn’t even made us $10, but I’m confident that you can see a way to win.

If any of you want a ride in my golden van of awesome, you should book your seats now.

Maybe thats how I’ll fund it. I’ll sell tickets. I’ll give people “rides”, and once I’m far enough out in the middle of nowhere, I’ll ditch em. They go for a bathroom break, and I’ll peel outta there.

Man, I don’t even need to go to college for this.

Roadtripology? I don’t think so.

EDIT: Joe has called shotgun, and come up with the name for this tour de farce.

The JuanWay Tour
You dig?