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All Is Not Lost

I’ve been doing a paid internship for the city of Middletown and made decent scratch from it. My last day is friday, august 7. My parents are going to Cape Cod the following day, and I’ve finally got their permission to do my own thing while they’re away. (I’m only 22, after all). So during the two weeks they’re away, I plan to meet up with Anne Marie wherever she might be. I’ll probably wait a week so I can deposit my last paycheck. Also, Peter is coming home around that time for R.A. training (re-training, technically) so I’ll hang out with him for awhile before I go.


On Friday Ali, Peter and myself went by Cheney Tech to see Joe. We put in a little work both back in the refinery and up front in the engine compartment. Peter took some really great pictures, like the one above. We’re getting closer, and with some luck the bus will be running on veggie oil in a few weeks.

1 – Beginning

A walkthrough of the bus before we touched it, then we start to take out the seats.