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Stencil Man

We passed DMV inspection, should be leaving tomorrow.

Winged Eye

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IMG_0162, originally uploaded by mrs pag.

Last week, Christian (a friend of the Tour) went to work painting more of the bus. The result is mind-blowing. In case you’re wondering where it is: it is on the top at the rear of the bus.

Painting Anne Marie

Right Side

WelcomeThe bus has a fresh coat of ideas, and much of the painting was finished today. There are still some spots that need work, but thanks to all the folks who showed up today, Anne Marie looks great. Also, many thanks to Ashley and Tom who made the awesome mural above. There are loads of pictures on Flickr, from both Ned and myself. There’s also nearly an hour of video for me to edit, so at some point we will see something of that.

Setting the Bar

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The Finished Whale, originally uploaded by somjuan.

I powerwashed the bus today, so we would be able to paint things on it. Dan took the lead and painted this huge whale on the top of the bus. It is around 9 feet from end to end, and really looks awesome in person.

If it is raining tomorrow, you can still come by to plan, or make stencils. Sunday is supposed to be gorgeous.

Paint the Bus

Alright, so here’s the status for the summer. In the next few weeks we’ll be building the interior (very rough, but the hard stuff will be out of the way). After that, on August 16th and 17th we will paint the bus.
You’re invited. Everyone is.

Bring paint. I don’t have paint, so bring some if you plan on using any. I recommend (Rust-Oleum) spray paint, just because it’ll be easier, but if you’re bringing other kinds of paint, bring whatever you’ll need along with you. One big thing is to make sure the paint you bring is meant for exterior use.

There is no real plan for the paint job. Paint what you want. Look at what the person next to you is doing, and work off of that. The only restriction is that we can’t have anything blatantly illegal or offensive. I want to be able to get in to places, and I don’t want to get pulled over any more often than we already will.

If you want to drop by on Friday and help wash the bus, feel free to. Bring girls in bikinis. If it rains or something on Saturday we’ll just paint on Sunday. Hope to see you there!