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Party Bus

Ok, I admit it, I’m jealous.
I did look into double decker buses, and they’re very very expensive stateside.

More Than Juan Way

About a month ago I posted about the Udall Legacy Bus Tour. I’ve been keeping up with it since, but their coverage of the trip is less than thrilling. But recently, they tipped their hat to other folks on similar trips (all having an environment/sustainability theme).

First up is Biotour. Crappy site design makes it a little hard to get around, but the content on there is good, and they also have a form to fill out so you can ride the bus. That’s cool.

Your Environmental Road Trip has the presentation thing down. They’ve got a slick website, good videos (check out the trailers) and seem to have a decent idea of what they want to do.

The Big Green Bus is probably the closest to how the Juan Way Tour would look. Hell, they were even at Bonnaroo. They’ve got sponsorship, and all this great stuff, but they don’t have the media aspect YERT does.

First reaction: Crap, people are already doing this.
That kills the novelty, and sponsorship opportunities.
After thinking about it for more than a second: Wait, that means people are into this. Maybe we could actually get a decent amount of people out with us. Maybe we could even join forces.

Juan Way will hopefully be a combination of aspects in the above projects, with a little less emphasis on the environment. Yes, it’ll be a veggie oil bus…but that’s about it.