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Day Tank Installed

Diesel 101

Dan and I dropped by Cheney today to see if we could get some video with the students working on the various projects related to the bus. Unfortunately, I’m really dissatisfied with the video on my cellphone, and we came by close to the end of school on a Friday, so not much of the video was any good. I’m hoping to return and interview them again later, with a better camera and more time. But for now, here is a little video of Joe explaining some basic workings of a diesel engine.

Quick Update Video

From earlier this week, Ned and I went to go visit Joe at Cheney Tech. We’re almost ready to start construction, and Joe walked us through how it will look once it’s done. Thanks to Ned for bringing a real camera to take some decent video.
If the above video is taking too long to load, try the version on YouTube.

The Plan

I met with Joe today, and we went over the grand master plan for the bus conversion. The veggie tank, heat exchanger, and general configuration are all set. It is fairly simple, and each little step is easy to explain (I’ll show you everything once it is done). The trick is getting all the simple things working together.

The bus needs a little other work too. The brake lines need some work, and I’m certain that more will come to light after they make a real inspection. But all of that is still a ways in the future. The good news is that we now have a plan to follow, and I’ll be sure to keep this site updated with the progress.

Trek to Cheney Tech