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Other Trips

I’m not sure why, but this summer I’ve seen more websites pop up about people’s trips. I don’t know if more people are traveling or if more people are blogging, but there are a lot of websites up about people in motion. Some folks are traveling in their cars/vans, living in them as they go. Some are traveling by bike, or on foot. Then there are the larger scale trips that have a decent sized number of people on them, and have been going for years (BioTour, Big Green Bus, etc).

I’ve added links to many of these sites on our links page, and I suggest you check them out.
They’re pretty interesting, and I’m certain you’ll find at least one that you’ll keep up with.

Maybe more of these blogs are popping up because there is a growing interest in this type of project. I know that nearly everyone I’ve talked to about the Juan Way Tour was immediately interested in the idea, having thought about doing something similar. I wonder what’s causing the interest.