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Soliciting Donations

Hey everyone.

I’ve put up a form letter in the forums (http://juanway.org/forum/topic.php?id=4) that can be used for soliciting sponsorship and donations from businesses. It’s written under the assumption that most places will want advertising in exchange for their monetary support.

If everyone could check this out, that’d be great. Obviously, the more outside money we could bring in for this trip, the better. But we really need to haul some butt. These sorts of transactions aren’t exactly quick and easy, and we really only have about a month to go (Oh my God, is that all?).

It won’t be too hard to print out a few copies of the letter and hand them out to local businesses. Think of it this way; every letter that we hand out is a potential steak dinner this summer.

Thanks to everyone who I know is going to help out! Let us know the results of your solicitations in the forums!