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Only Juan Way?

This is pretty awesome, and probably made it worth waking up today.

I’m a big fan of From The Shadows, a downloadable tech show that just rocks. Box 6.0 (the latest episode) should be coming out soon, so I’ve been checking the site pretty often. I randomly notice a topic called Big Idea 2, and check it out.

Someone has an idea that is extremely similar to the Juan Way Tour, and he’s done much more research into it than I have (which is a good thing).
However, he’s looking to pull this off in the summer of 06. He has some pretty ambitious plans, considering he’s stationed in Afghanistan right now, and won’t be back until sometime next year. We’ve talked a little on IM, and will be talking more as time goes on. It’d be great to see this launch.

Sometime soon there will be a site for it (something like tour.somjuan.com or whatever). It’ll have more info, and be a general center of operations.

I’ll probably be posting more frequent updates about this, since things are happening again. I’ve got kind of mixed emotions about this. On one hand, I’m thrilled that this will be happening, and that there are people who I don’t even know that are interested in it. On the other, I’m kinda disappointed that someone is gonna pull it off before me. Stupid pride. Stop messin shit up for me.

It would be pretty excellent if he could pull it off, and we’re sharing some ideas. If he goes through with it next summer (or even the summer after that) I’ll totally be there.

Would any of you be interested / able to?