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Sun Dance

Grand Canyon

San Francisco

All Is Not Lost

I’ve been doing a paid internship for the city of Middletown and made decent scratch from it. My last day is friday, august 7. My parents are going to Cape Cod the following day, and I’ve finally got their permission to do my own thing while they’re away. (I’m only 22, after all). So during the two weeks they’re away, I plan to meet up with Anne Marie wherever she might be. I’ll probably wait a week so I can deposit my last paycheck. Also, Peter is coming home around that time for R.A. training (re-training, technically) so I’ll hang out with him for awhile before I go.

A Brilliant Idea

During one of our long, rambling conversations that we have to pass the time on the desert highways, we came up with a great idea on the bus. It’s an idea for a movie.

The movie would star Robert Dinero and it would be about a man’s search for a relationship with his estranged, emotionally distant father. The thing is, Robert Dinero would play son. The role of the father would be played by Michael Cera. That might sound weird, but it actually makes a lot of sense when you consider that the film would be a sequel to Juno. Ellen Page would probably be more interested in doing other projects however, so her role would be filled by Andy Samberg (of Lonely Island fame). Or as she would be credited, “Andrea Samberg.”

The film will be called “Father and Son: Hopefully Reconnecting by the End of the Movie.” It’s a brilliant movie idea, and anyone who wants to fund it should not hesitate to do so.