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So Ali and I got back on Friday morning. Just shy of three days in a Greyhound bus, almost continuously. It’s hard to imagine how long it would have taken in our bus, which is actually the reason we didn’t stay out there and wait for a pump to get shipped to us – we have school in one week.

Anyway, the bus is sitting happily in Wells, NV, under the watch of some cool people just down the road from the diesel shop where we were staying. It’s hard to say when I’ll go back to get it. The current arrangement is for around Thanksgiving, but it’s possible it will be too cold or snowy by then, and I will need to wait until Spring, which would actually be preferable to me. We’ll see.

It seems that’s it for now though, at least as far as traveling is concerned. I’ll try to post some other content that never made it to the website, and some stories that never got told. Generally making the site more accessible for people to browse through.

It’s still amazing that this trip even took place. I can’t thank everyone who helped enough – there were so many people in the background helping who never really got recognition for what they did. There is this really clear image in my mind of when one of the TV channels came out to interview us, and while we were sitting in front of the camera, my dad was off to the side trying to attach a space heater to a piece of wood so we could pass DMV inspection.

Thanks especially to my family for putting up with this, and Joe Hollay for making it functional.

And thank you for following along.



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