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Projects stemming from members of the Juan Way Tour.

Nonpound Words

On the bus, we found ourselves with a good deal of time to kill. Much of this was filled with increasingly crazy conversations, but we played some games as well. One in particular we played down the entire East Coast was a word game that penetrated our souls. Someone introduced the concept of nonpound words: words that contain more than one word, none of which are related to the original word. For example, the word tiered contains the words tie and red. We began to try and think of as many words as we could, and eventually this game invaded our normal conversations. We would be talking about something unrelated, and suddenly someone would say “Hey, that’s a nonpound word” and it would be added to the list.

Presented in this post is our list of nonpound words. We’d love to add to it.

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As of right now

I had a bizarre experience on the highway yesterday, driving the bus home from Grey Fox. A young couple driving in the lane next to mine pulled alongside me with the passenger window down and yelled, “Where is everyone?”
I didn’t recognize them, but I managed a “What?”
“We read about you!” The passenger showed me his laptop, displaying this very website.
“Oh, that was last year.” And then they drove out of earshot.

Despite having a laptop with an aircard on board last summer, it still catches me off guard to see someone online on a laptop somewhere without wifi. But the point of this story is that it made me realize that I haven’t really done much to update this since the trip ended. I never really even finished the return trip story. I’m not quite sure what to do with this website, since it is very event specific: the Juan Way Tour happened last summer, and is not a recurring event. But the bus is still traveling, and the URL is still painted on the bumper. I would like to keep a chronicle of the bus’ travels, but this is not the place for it.

For now, I will keep this site focused on the Tour, and other things to do with the bus (I swear I’ll post a how to eventually). Current and future escapades will live at

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