Our Pot

So, we lost our pot.

It cost us a lot of money, and we’re afraid that we just left it in a parking lot somewhere. If it didn’t get thrown away, there’s probably someone else out there enjoying our pot right now. I guess we should be happy for them, but it’s still disappointing. We’d had that pot since Connecticut.

The really great thing about that pot was how it built community. When we’d pull into the dark corner of a Wal*Mart parking lot, one of us would grab the pot, and we’d all go lounge out in the cool shadows. We had quite a few conversations over that pot, and we were always excited to invite other people to come over and join us.

We loved that pot. Even when we’d go to a contacts house for the night, we’d still use our own pot. I mean, we can still enjoy our meals, but that pot made it so much better.

So, we got a new one.

PS. Stuff this good normally seems hard to come by, but we just brought it from a dude at Wal*Mart.

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