The Games We Play

When you’re stuck on a bus for hours a day, you find some pretty novel ways to entertain yourself.

In particular, we’ve been playing a lot of word games and similar things that don’t require many, or even any supplies. A while ago, the four of us that were in the back of the bus wrote “Exquisit Haikus” in which one of us would choose the topic, and the the other three would each write a line of a haiku about that topic without seeing the other two lines. We wrote a double-sided page full of them, but these are some of my favorites:

“Beef Jerkey”
‘Moos’ have become ‘mmms’
Delicious, brown and holy

What will it be then?
Triscuits, triscuits, and nacho
Eh, Let me at ‘em!

“Bathroom Stall Graffiti”
Yo, check my myspace
Blasphemy and name-calling
Portrait of a dick

Xaq had boggle on the bus, so we played a lot of that. And then, a few days ago, Nathan Fieldsteel sent me a mesasge on my facebook, challanging me to find words that could be broken in two that weren’t compound words (example: pant/her or beg/inning). He and I went back and forth, each thinking of a few a day until I enlisted the help of the bus, and together we thought up around 200 of these “nonpound” words in three days.

That one was a lot of fun because we would all just be sitting in silence, rolling down the highway, and then one of us would shout out “Warden!” and someone else would scurry to get a pad of paper.

At another point, we started coming up with band names or movie titles we could string together. We would make chains by connecting two titles, one that ended with the same word that another began with. Some of my favorites were;



“Miracle at St. Anna and the King and I Love You Man on Fire in the Deep Blue Seabiscuit”

We spent a lot of time coming up with absurd in jokes, which I won’t even try to recount here. We also discussed different minor celeberties we should use this trip as a vehicle to meet. Gore Vidal, Kathy Griffin, Randal Munroe, and Christopher Hitchens were all suggested, but eventually we settled on Gary Oldman (yes, you do actually know who he is. Go here if you don’t believe me). So if you can help us meet Gary Oldman, please do.

We’ve spent a lot of time playing music, waving to people, and talking too. So far, the open road has been great fun.

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  1. You guys are adorable. Keep having fun!

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