Google Guy

5 responses to “Google Guy

  1. it seems like you guys are experiencing some very serious cabin fever.

  2. and the point of this is???

  3. Brian Chapron

    Ok, I have an assignment for you… that is if you are brave enough. A skit 3 to 10 minutes long about the adventures of Ernest Shackleton on his quest to discover the south pole. You can "Google" his name for information. If done well, this skit should contain no historical accuracy or appropriate time frame and may or may not have anything actually to do with Mr. Shackleton.

  4. Ali ruined it.

    My favorite part, probably "Hello, and yes… I am the Google Guy."
    Or maybe "So, like, inner bones?" "I gotta check this out." "What about exo-skeletons?" "The internet says… yes." "Yes?" "Yep!" "Yes what?" "Do you have another question?"

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