There is no agenda behind the Juan Way Tour – each member represents themselves and their own goals. The Tour is not trying to promote using waste vegetable oil for fuel, not trying to endorse or support any issue, not trying to tell anyone how to do anything.

I only hope to finish this trip with a greater understanding of the country I live in. I live in Connecticut, and while I’ve traveled a little, it has always been destination-based travel. You step into an airplane, and magically move from one airport to another, with no sense of the distance you’ve traveled. Or drive out on the highway, staring straight ahead at miles of identical road. What we sacrifice with destination-based travel is everything in between where we’re going and where we’ve been. We tune out the surroundings, and don’t stop to look around. When Ali and I drove the bus back from Minnesota, we experienced this firsthand – 1200 miles, and each mile the same as the one before it.

This trip is going to be very different from destination-based travel: the plan is to start driving West, and then eventually back East. That’s it – just cardinal directions, and places we’d like to see. Think of it like connect the dots. That should take us about three months. It would be nice to see all 48 states, but it is not a goal. There are no goals. What we hope to learn we don’t really understand yet, so there is no point trying to put it into words. But we will be sharing the experience, and there will be many updates, pictures, and videos on this website.

That is one of my main goals on this trip: to try and share the experience. I know there are a lot of people who want to take a trip like this – they’ve told me. Among people I know, there are more who would like to come than could ever be feasible. I know that I won’t be able to bring as many people along with me as I would like to, so I’m doing what I can to share it all, and put all the information I have out here. I hope that someone interested in taking a trip like this could learn a lot from this site, and I hope the rest can enjoy the ride.

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  1. Hi John, Glen B. here from Joe Deer and the Weapons Inspectors. Website looks cool. Joe told me about it. Thanks for all your help on our site. Good luck with the bus.

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