Well, sort of. I don’t usually get very stressed about things, but today was annoying.

I hate the DMV. A lot. When I called the seller a while back I determined that I wouldn’t need any temp tags or the like because the plates on it would be good. I only needed them to be good long enough to get me home, where I would register it in CT as an RV. But the insurance isn’t cooperating, and it turns out that we’ll need to get temp tags after all. The problem there is that the documents needed to get temp tags are all in Minnesota. So I called him up again today (he’s been really helpful through all this), and he’ll be overnighting what we need so we can get it in time to get tags and insurance.

I’d like to say, that I’m perfectly comfortable driving back unlicensed, unregistered, and uninsured. My folks however, are not. That is where most of this comes from. I know they’re looking out for me/them, but all that red tape is absurdly annoying. Oh well.

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