Well, I’m looking at a few buses on eBay, many of which end in a couple days. Also, somehow most of them are also located in Texas. I have no issue with going to Texas to pick up a bus, especially when they look as good as these do. Thanks to Texas weather, these buses have a lot less rust than buses in the Northeast. Here is an example of the buses I’m looking at (there are two more that are practically identical from the same dealer). There is a reserve price, and the high Buy It Now price makes me think that these might go above my budget, which is less than usual thanks to the cost of getting down there.

There is hope, I’m also looking at a bus for sale in CT, which I would love to get. Its a beautiful bus, but it is also a ’95, meaning it’ll probably also go out of my price range.

The quest continues, and even if I can’t get a bus before I go back next semester, I’m willing to wait until the perfect bus comes along. That isn’t a big issue, since I wasn’t going to be able to work on it much while at school. My only concern is that prices may go up once spring/summer come around…

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